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The next dimension

in your career starts here



The next dimension of 3D, film and interactive isn’t just a technology. It’s the people who know how to harness, direct and use that technology.

At VRA we’re not just an accelerator for XR experiences. We’re also an accelerator for talent. For careers.


If you believe that Spatial Computing and Extended Reality will be key in your future work then the VRA CREATORS PROGRAM may well be for you.


Whether you’re an artist, a programmer, a stylist, a game designer, a marketer, a modeler, an accountant, a musician, a performer, a sound designer, a producer, a filmmaker, a writer, a cultural provocateur or an old-fashioned storyteller there’s a place for you at VRA.

And you’ll not only have access to learn and immerse yourself in volumetric capture technology in every detail, access to some of the brightest minds of the XR industry in Manhattan but you’ll also have access to the actual vol-cap studio to experiment and create your own innovations and experiences.


Applying is easy. Programs are flexible, full or part time and lasting one to three months. Just complete the form below.


Join the VRA CREATORS PROGRAM and unlock the next dimension in your career.

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